Global Politics

Our stories explore the politics behind the news, with analysis ranging from Washington, DC to Damascas, Syria

Global Politics

China's internet protests

Protests in nine Chinese cities have called for a boycott of the French supermaket chain, Carrefour in response to a false rumor going around the internet that Carrefour was supporting Tibetan independence

Global Politics

Still Undecided

Faith shares her thoughts on the masses of still-undecided voters who could swing the outcome of tomorrow's Pennsylvania Democratic primary.

Global Politics

Cass Sunstein

University of Chicago law professor Cass Sunstein talks about why the best governments subtly trick their citizens into making good decisions and his new book, "Nudge."

Global Politics

Carter visits Syria

The World's Aaron Schachter reports on former US President Jimmy Carter's visit to Syria today; the former president has angered the Bush Administration and their Israeli government by meeting with leaders of Hamas.

Science, Tech & Environment

Urban visionary

Curitiba, Brazil's model sustainable city, was largely the brainchild of Jaime Lerner. As three-time mayor of the city, he created a rapid transit bus system, increased the amount of green space, and encouraged children and adults alike to recycle. Jaime Lerner joins host Steve Curwood and says all cities have the potential for environmental success.

Arts, Culture & Media


Faith shares her thoughts on the recent revelation that the "family recipes" from Cindy McCain posted on her husband Senator John McCain's web site were actually pilfered from the Food Network.

Global Politics

Senator Chuck Hagel

Faith talks to Nebraska Republican Senator Chuck Hagel about his new book "America: Our Next Chapter," in which he suggests it's time for America to "reintroduce itself to the world."

Global Politics

Jobs for Gonzo

Faith and news analyst Brian Donovan take a look at former U.S Attorney General Alberto Gonzales's ongoing search for a new job.


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