Southeast Asia


The quest for the 'Asian unicorn'

The saola, nicknamed the Asian unicorn, has been known to Western science for only about 20 years. Its habits and way of life are still mysteries. But one thing about it is clear: It’s living on the verge of extinction.


Photographer Catherine Karnow captures a changing Vietnam

To commemorate the 40th anniversary of the end of the Vietnam War, the Art Vietnam Gallery in Hanoi is showing “Vietnam: 25 Years of Documenting a Changing Country,” a photo exhibition of National Geographic photographer Catherine Karnow’s lifelong work in that country. In his introduction to the exhibition, Andrew Lam writes that the photographs capture a country that has many versions of itself.


Aid arrives in southern Burma

Some international aid is starting to make its way to those in need in southern Burma but it's more than a week since the cyclone struck the region; Anchor Lisa Mullins speaks with Joe Lowry, spokesman for the Red Cross in Burma.


Cyclone aftermath

Anchor Lisa Mullins speaks with a BBC reporter in Rangoon about the aftermath of the cyclone and the relief efforts there, as hundreds of thousands of people in the region are still without shelter, ten days after the disaster.

Global Politics

Burma aid effort

Jack Chance reports from the Thai town of Mae Sot, which has become a hub for aid agencies trying to get into Burma; the government is allowing shipments of food and supplies, but barring aid workers from entering the country to assist with distribution.


Floating hospitals

Anchor Lisa Mullins tells us how a businessman in Scotland is helping cyclone survivors in Myanmar: he's donated two cruise boats to be converted into floating hospitals.


Burma blocks aid

The World's Matthew Bell reports on a debate in the international community on whether military force should be used to get more international aid into cyclone-devastated Myanmar.


Indonesia's vanishing rice farms

Rice paddies across Asia are being replaced by golf courses and luxury hotels and workers are leaving the fields for factory jobs, as Rebecca Henschke reports on an endangered species - the rice farmers of Indonesia.