Southeast Asia


Southeast Asia hopes a new common market will give it clout, but it may have a weak link in Thailand

Not so long ago, Thailand could boast about having one of the fastest growth rates in the world. But political turbulence, protests and a couple of coups have taken their toll. And there's anxiety about what will happen when the beloved king dies. How might the new Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Economic Community help Thailand get its act back together? What risks does Thailand's volatility have for a nascent regional grouping, with big aspirations to counterbalance China?


Penantian Panjang Kepulangan Seorang Bapa

Pada usia 6 tahun, dia dikejutkan apabila melihat papanya, seorang pengkritik hebat terhadap Perdana Menteri Malaysia ditangkap polis. Pada usia 23 tahun, dia menemui keberanian untuk bersuara semula, dengan mengimbas kembali seorang papa yang luar biasa, dan seorang anak perempuan yang juga luar biasa.


Business, Economics and Jobs

Jakarta report

Indonesians are struggling to pay for basic food items and although the government is trying to control prices, the effort is not easing the pain for Indonesia's poor, as Rebecca Henschke reports from Jakarta.


Burma aid report

The World's Kay Clark has the latest on international aid efforts for victims of the devastating cyclone that hit Burma on Saturday; the death toll has now risen above 20,000.


Cyclone witness

One man who witnessed the devastation of the Burmese cyclone first-hand was Jens Orback; the former Swedish politician was visiting Rangoon last week, to meet with pro-democracy activists and Anchor Lisa Mullins speaks with Orbach about his experience.


Reporter in Burma

Anchor Lisa Mullins gets an update from Burma from a BBC reporter who has made his way to Rangoon: He describes a country that is struggling to address the widespread death and destruction caused by a cyclone this weekend


International aid arrives in Burma

The World's Katy Clark reports on the dire situation in Burma following last weekend's cyclone where international aid has begun arriving but some aid groups are still complaining that the government is dragging its heels


Burma's mangrove forests

Burma's mangroves have buffered the country from the worst effects of natural disasters, but now that the mangrove forests have been cleared away to make way for shrimp and fish farms


Burma government resisting aid

Five days after a devastating cyclone struck the South East Asian nation of Burma, the first UN aid flight has landed in the country but Burma's military authority is still resisting the majority of foreign aid that's being offered


UN to resume Burma aid

The United Nations today announced it will resume aid shipments to Burma; UN officials had earlier suspended aid flights intended to help Burmese cyclone survivors, complaining that the Burmese government had seized some of the aid.