North Atlantic

Whales at Home in the Caribbean

In the spring, humpback whales begin their annual migration north to various parts the cold and food-rich waters of the North Atlantic. But the entire population cozies up during winter in the warm waters of the Dominican Republic.

The Other Oil Spill

The North Pacific isn't the only ocean where plastic trash is accumulating by the ton. Marine scientists just back from the North Atlantic say it's full of plastic too, and it might just be worse.



Melting Arctic sea ice doubles the chances of harsh winters in other parts of the world

When most people hear the term "global warming," they naturally think of air temperature. In reality, more than 90 percent of the warming caused by greenhouse gases happens in the oceans. Much of this warming takes place in the waters in and around the Arctic Ocean, leading to increasingly rapid melting of sea ice. A new study links this melting to cold, harsh winters that are becoming more common in parts of the world.