Costa Concordia set to be salvaged of the coast of Italy

An American company and an Italian company are set to begin salvage operations off the coast of Italy later this month, to recover the shipwrecked Costa Concordia. The effort is intended to remove the vessel intact, to prevent fluids from leaking out and polluting the surrounding environment.

Global Politics

Turkish pastry chef bakes Barack Obama into a baklava

A Turkish baker, who says he had high hopes for Barack Obama when he was elected U.S. president back in 2008, says he's disappointed with how the whole term has turned out. But he's baked Obama into a baklava, hoping the sugary dessert will help Obama take a sweeter tact with his foreign policy.

Development & Education

Environmental concerns at core of Turkish protests

Ongoing anti-government protests in Turkey began as a way to protect a rare green patch in the nation's largest city. Though they later swelled to object to the government's treatment of their demonstrations, the movement's environmental roots could lead to greater awareness of increasing endangerment of the country's natural resources.