Gulf of Mexico

Coal and Oil Shape Cultural Stereotypes

The oil patch of the Gulf Coast and the coalfields of West Virginia paused this month to mark one year since two deadly disasters —BP’s oil spill and Massey Energy’s mine explosion. Two writers from those regions, Ken Wells and Denise Giardina, explain the impact coal and oil have had on the land and culture of their home states.

Diluting Dispersant

It's over nine months since the oil blowout in the Gulf of Mexico. More than two million gallons of chemical dispersants were used to break up and degrade the oil but it's been unclear what happened to the dispersants. A new report suggests that they have

Dude, Where's the Oil?

There has been a lot of debate on how much oil is still in the Gulf of Mexico. Reported estimates range from 75 percent is gone to 75 percent is still there. How did such wildly different estimates get reported in the media?