Gulf Coast

Gulf Oil and Gulf Restoration

The road to recovery for the Gulf of Mexico starts with the wetlands. Conservationists and state officials say a long-term, large-scale plan to restore Louisiana's marshes is the way to heal the damage.

Oil in the Air

The oil in the Gulf isn't just poisoning the water. It's also poisoning the air. The EPA has been monitoring air quality along the Gulf coast widely since the spill began, but a local advocacy group, the Louisiana Bucket Brigade, says its data has gaps.

Saving birds from BP's Oil

Millions of birds are migrating south over the next few months. Nonprofits and an obscure government agency are trying to save them from dying in the Gulf Coast oil spill.

Sea Turtle Relocation

Conservation groups are helping the US Fish and Wildlife service to relocate sea turtle nests from the Gulf of Mexico to the Atlantic Coast. They hope that this will protect most of this year's turtle hatchlings who would otherwise stand little chance of

Saving the Cypress

Cypress trees aren't just great ingredients for good gardening, they're also important storm barriers on the Gulf Coast.



Hurricane Isaac approaches Louisiana coast

With winds of at least 75 mph, expected to climb slightly higher, Hurricane Isaac was prepared to hit the Gulf Coast of the United States, especially Louisiana. While the winds are relatively light, forecasters are worried the slow-moving storm will dump a lot of rain on top of an area that's already quite soggy.