Golan Heights


Druze in the Golan Heights have long been 'on the fence' between Syria and Israel. Syria's civil war has changed things.

As ethnic Druze in Syria are caught in a flashpoint on the edge of the country’s six-year civil war, their neighbors and relatives across the border in the Israel-occupied Golan Heights are figuring out their allegiances. Some Golan Druze are reaffirming their historical and in many cases, familial ties to Syria, while others are drawing closer to an Israel that after years of caution may begin to intervene in the Syrian conflict at its door.


Al-Qaeda arrives at Israel's doorstep in the Golan Heights

The Israel-Syria border had been quiet for decades, even though the two countries are technically still at war. But that changed three years ago, when civil war broke out in Syria. Al-Qaeda-linked militants fighting the Syrian regime have battled for the border region, and just won control over it. That is making Israelis quite nervous.

Golan Heights residents watchful of Syria fighting across border

As the violence in Syria continues to escalate, Israel isn't taking any chances with security along its northern border and in the Golan Heights. Residents there have mixed emotions about the ongoing conflict, while the Israel government worries it could send refugees or militants over its border.