The World - Episode 20071102 - UN questions motives of Darfur aid group

Members of Zoe's Ark, the French charity, are due to appear in a Chadian court on child kidnapping charges. The children were said to be orphans from Darfur, Sudan. But United Nations investigators now say almost all of the kids involved were NOT orphans -- and that many of them were from Chad. Anchor Marco Werman has details and asks listeners to weigh in on the controversy.

Rape as a weapon of war

"The World's" award-winning series examines the brutality of sexual violence in Congo and the medical, humanitarian, legal, and political response to it.

Shortage of Relief in Darfur

United Nations humanitarian chief John Holmes speaks about the conditions in Darfur since the expulsion in March of more than a dozen international aid groups by the Sudanese government.