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Here's how some veterans feel about torture tactics

The CIA's recently-released torture report has sparked a national conversation about the perceived horrors of torture — as well as its potential merits. But how do Americans who have served on the front lines feel about torture tactics? We asked veterans to weigh in.


Afghan success stories aren't quite what they seem

In some scattered areas of Afghanistan, like the district of Gizab, coalition forces were able to claim victories over the Taliban, driving them out with the help of locals. But as international troops leave, those alleged successes are becoming far more fragile.

Global Politics

In dealing with ISIS, Obama could take cues from the Camp David Accords

The nature of war is that it’s impossible to predict its outcome, and the current military campaign against ISIS is no exception. But some conflicts can have peaceful conclusions — like the Camp David Accords that ended the Israel-Egypt conflict. Author Lawrence Wright argues that we can turn to the diplomacy of Jimmy Carter to learn how to deal with ISIS.


The sound of US airstrikes returns to Baghdad

US planes have started bombing ISIS militia positions near Baghdad in the first phase of the expanded campaign announced by President Obama last week. The strikes are to support Iraqi troops fighting the Islamist group and they seem to be working.