Central America / Caribbean



Butterflies lose habitat in Mexico

The monarch butterflies of central Mexico are beginning their annual northern migration but this year, there may be a decline in the number making the trip, as Anchor Marco Werman speaks with butterfly expert Lincoln Brower

Conflict & Justice

Drugs and human rights in Mexico

Lorne Matalon reports on how Mexico's push to fight drug-trafficking is affecting the country's human rights record; Mexico's Army is taking the lead in this war on drugs, but critics say that's leading to human rights violations.

Global Politics

Bans lifted in Cuba

In the last week, Cuba's government has overturned sweeping bans on goods and services in the county, and so Cuban citizens can now buy computers, microwaves even cell phones


Spring training in Havana

Anchor Lisa Mullins looks back at the time when Jackie Robinson first traveled to spring training with the Brooklyn Dodgers: the year was 1947 -- and, for fear of racial trouble, the Dodgers decided to hold their training in Cuba instead of Florida.

Arts, Culture & Media

Jamming for Obama

In Jamaica, two songs have been written and recorded by Jamaican artists in support of Barack Obama's presidential run, and The World's Marco Werman has been trying to find out what Jamaica's Obama songs are all about.

Arts, Culture & Media

Global Hit: Ersi Arvizu

Ersi Arvizu boxed, sang, and sometimes boxed and sang in the same venue. She gave both up for a while. But now she's singing again... thanks in part to Ry Cooder. Anchor Marco Werman has today's Global Hit.