Mount Everest has a problem — with poop

The Nepal Mountaineering Association says human waste is a bigger problem than trash on Mt. Everest. But the climbers aren't going away, so we asked an Everest expedition leader how he plans to safely heed the call of nature atop the world's tallest mountain.


This winter, we could all use a little Holi

Holi is a Hindu festival in northern India that celebrates the coming of spring on the lunar calendar. Celebrants spray each other with colors. It can get pretty raucous. Indian-American writer Deepak Singh remembers Holi as a kid in Lucknow, and thinks about what it would be like to celebrate at his current home, in Ann Arbor, Michigan.


Global Politics

Malaysia's maid shortage rooted in abuse

Malaysian families are facing a critical shortage of maids. Most of the maids come from Indonesia. But Indonesia banned its citizens from going to work as maids in Malaysia after a series of abuses against them. Jennifer Pak reports from Kuala Lumpur.