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Update from Bahrain

Protests continue in Bahrain, with thousands of protesters taking to the main square in Manama. Michael Slackman, foreign correspondent for The New York Times reports from Bahrain.

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Diplomatic gaffe at the UN

Last week India's foreign minister made his UN debut with a speech in front of the Security Council. The only problem is, he read the speech of the Portuguese foreign minister. Anchor Lisa Mullins talks to Colum Lynch, who covers the UN.

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Indian singer Sona Mohapatra

Indian singer-songwriter Sona wanted her label Sony, to record more of her songs. Sony said wait. Sona went to Nokia. The World's Marco Werman tells us about Sona's attempts to market her music differently in a country dominated by Bollywood.

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Central Asian desert

The Geo Quiz visits a Central Asian country that features a rocky, flat desert and considers the Akhal Teke horse a national emblem. Do you know the name the desert that covers much of Turkmenistan?

Conflict & Justice

Demonstrations Boil in Bahrain

For the latest on news from that country, we turn to Michael Slackman, foreign correspondent for The New York Times. Zachary Lockman, Professor of Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies and History at New York University helps contextualize the situation.