The ozone layer is bouncing back. And our hairstyles will be OK too.

When we found out back in the 1980s that aerosol propellants and refrigerants were eating up the atmosphere's protective ozone layer, many people complained that we couldn't come up with suitable substitutes. But we did, people's hairstyles and fridges are fine, and scientists now say that nature is finally starting to heal the ozone layer.



Martin Riddle

Scientist Martin Riddle talks to Faith about his recent discovery of several new kinds of giant deep sea creatures on the ocean floor off Antarctica.


Carol Diebel

Carol Diebel, the Director of Natural Environment at the Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Center, talks about the rare colossal squid captured off the coast of Antarctica that her lab is about to dissect.


Our daily geography quiz. What time is it at the South Pole in Antarctica?

Geo Answer

Today's answer takes us to Antarctica...where many countries with research stations set their own time. At the Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station, it's

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Antarctic travels

British author Simon Winchester sends an audio postcard from the sub-Antarctic island of South Georgia. Winchester is exploring the area for his work on a book on the Atlantic Ocean.


Geo answer: Operation Ice Bridge

For today's Geo Quiz head about as far south as you can go. The Transantarctic Mountains span Antarctica � dividing it roughly in half. We're looking for the half that principally borders on the Pacific Ocean.