Oil Train Concerns in the Pacific Northwest

Plans are underway to build several port terminals in the Pacific Northwest that would transfer North Dakota oil from trains onto ships bound for West Coast refineries, but the recent oil train disaster in Quebec may put the brakes on the proposed projects.

Global Politics

Obama still trying to get green team in place

President Barack Obama is still trying to get his second-term cabinet nominees in place. A number of those still to be confirmed focus on the environment, including Energy Secretary nominee Ernest Moniz and EPA administrator nominee Gina McCarthy. Moniz and McCarthy both recently had confirmation hearings.


Whither NEPA?

The National Environmental Policy Act could be scaled back as the energy bill is debated in Congress. LOE talks with a rancher who worries that weakening the act could spell trouble for the environment of the Rocky Mountain West. We'll also hear from an e

Where the Antelope Played

The natural gas boom in the Rockies rolls on unabated, changing lands along the way. A swath of western Wyoming is among the latest landscapes converted.