A Visual Feast

Poet Rod Clark loves Thanksgiving at his Wisconsin farm - but wanted more than food to celebrate the holiday.



Live Long and Starve

Scientists may have discovered the key to eternal youth: starving. A new report says that strict adherence to an extremely low-calorie diet can extend length of life. Guest: Ricki Colman, associate scientist at the University of Wisconsin.

Good week, bad week

This week we learn why in Madison, Wisconsin a working class hero is something to be. We also see how a Long Island woman topped our bad week list when she attempted to pull a fast one on the highway patrol.

Conflict & Justice

Is raw milk safe?

Over the past three years, the popularity of unpasteurized, or raw, milk has grown across the country. Advocates say heat-treating milk destroys enzymes and nutrients, while detractors say it's necessary to keep people from getting sick.