Conflict & Justice

Polish Americans for Romney?

Political strategists slice and dice the electorate into smaller and smaller groups targeting messages to specific populations. The Romney camp is now making a pitch toward Polish Americans. But are they getting the message right?

Global Politics

NFL stands by Monday night football game result as politicians call for lockout to end

The National Football League's referees ignited a storm of controversy Monday night -- by some accounts it was the third-most tweeted event in Twitter's history -- when they incorrectly called a touchdown that gave the Seattle Seahawks a victory at the expense of the Green Bay Packers. Politicians of all stripes have called on the NFL and its referees to reach an agreement.



Live Long and Starve

Scientists may have discovered the key to eternal youth: starving. A new report says that strict adherence to an extremely low-calorie diet can extend length of life. Guest: Ricki Colman, associate scientist at the University of Wisconsin.

Good week, bad week

This week we learn why in Madison, Wisconsin a working class hero is something to be. We also see how a Long Island woman topped our bad week list when she attempted to pull a fast one on the highway patrol.

Conflict & Justice

Is raw milk safe?

Over the past three years, the popularity of unpasteurized, or raw, milk has grown across the country. Advocates say heat-treating milk destroys enzymes and nutrients, while detractors say it's necessary to keep people from getting sick.