Sounds Heard by Aldo Leopold

Each morning, the great conservationist Aldo Leopold took meticulous notes of the dawn bird chorus outside his Wisconsin home. Now, a professor and a grad student at the University of Wisconsin have used Leopold’s journals to recreate the soundscape that Leopold heard in 1940.


NFL stands by Monday night football game result as politicians call for lockout to end

The National Football League's referees ignited a storm of controversy Monday night -- by some accounts it was the third-most tweeted event in Twitter's history -- when they incorrectly called a touchdown that gave the Seattle Seahawks a victory at the expense of the Green Bay Packers. Politicians of all stripes have called on the NFL and its referees to reach an agreement.

Up on the Roof with Goats

At Al Johnson's Swedish Restaurant in beautiful Door County Wisconsin you'll find traditional Scandinavian food: meatballs, pancakes and salmon on the menu....and goats on the roof. It's a unique attraction and the owner is trying to keep it that way.