Western Australia


The Latest Beach Attire: Anti-Shark Wetsuits

Marine scientists and swimwear designers in Western Australia have teamed up to design anti-shark attack wetsuits. In tests with tiger sharks. the wetsuits for surfers and divers seem to distract and confuse the sharks in the moments before they attack.

Conflict & Justice

Australia's 'Stolen Generation'

For nearly 100 years, the Australian government forcibly took children from Aborigine families and placed them with white families. These children became known as the "Stolen Generations." A small number was taken abroad.

Arts, Culture & Media

Dinosaurs Walked Here

If you're a good detective, you should be able to solve this Geo Quiz quickly. First clue: there are footprints leading right up to the spot - 130 million-year-old, fossilized dinosaur footprints. They are in a northern region of Western Australia...