West Virginia

Death of Carbon Capture?

Carbon capture and storage once seemed like a silver bullet to clean up polluting coal power - but it may be prohibitively expensive. American Electric Power just shuttered the first CCS pilot program but Mitsubishi has some even bigger plans in the pipeline.

Black Lung is Back

Autopsies of a mine disaster’s victims reveal another layer of the tragedy: most of the miners had black lung, a disease many experts thought was under control years ago. This entirely preventable disease is now bouncing back.


Barrier islands

We are looking for a country that boasts the world's longest chain of barrier islands. There are 54 of them, forming a chain that extends over 355 miles along this country's South Atlantic coast. Question is, which country?

Coal and Oil Shape Cultural Stereotypes

The oil patch of the Gulf Coast and the coalfields of West Virginia paused this month to mark one year since two deadly disasters —BP’s oil spill and Massey Energy’s mine explosion. Two writers from those regions, Ken Wells and Denise Giardina, explain the impact coal and oil have had on the land and culture of their home states.

The Human Costs of Coal and Oil

One year ago this month twin disasters struck America’s energy producing regions. Forty men died in West Virginia’s Upper Big Branch Coal Mine and on the Deepwater Horizon oilrig in the Gulf of Mexico. Family members share their stories of loved ones lost, and reveal the price of energy that doesn’t show up on ledger sheets.