West Virginia


West Virginia's former 'King of Coal' goes on trial

It's a rough time for coal company CEOs: Coal in the US it’s now in a precipitous decline, undercut by cheaper natural gas from fracking and concerns about its dangers to climate and health. But it's an even rougher time for Don Blankenship, the former CEO of Massey Energy, who could spend years in prison for his role in the 2010 Upper Big Branch mine disaster.


Conflict & Justice

Voter prejudice

Faith shares her thoughts on the unambiguous racism expressed by some West Virginia voters ahead of the state's Democratic primary.


Cleaner coal experiment

The US presidential and vice candidates have all touted so-called "clean coal" as an energy solution. The World's Jason Margolis takes a look at what the term actually means.

Arts, Culture & Media

The Mosque in Morgantown'

A work that's up for an Emmy is the musical score for a documentary film called �The Mosque in Morgantown'. The film's score is by Kareem Roustom. Reporter Bruce Wallace sat down with Roustom.


The plight of the honeybee

Hundreds of beekeepers, researchers and vendors are gathering in Huntington, W. Va., today for the Heartland Apiculture Society's 7th annual bee conference. The buzz this year is the honeybee crisis. Since 2006, they have been disappearing en masse and the cause for the collapse remains unknown.

Global Politics

Young West Virginian voters mobilize

For the first time in almost 50 years, West Virginia matters. The polls already foretell West Virginia primary's likely outcome ? a victory for Hillary Clinton ? but the Democratic nomination race continues to energize young voters across the state. Guest: Rod Snyder, President, West Virginia Young Democrats.