West Bank

Conflict & Justice

Bring back our boys, whoever they are

Israel has unleashed its biggest offensive against Palestinians in the West Bank in more than a decade in hopes of finding three Israeli teens they say were kidnapped by Hamas. And Israeli activists are also taking the fight online using the hashtag #BringBackOurBoys.


Global Politics

Rice mission to Mideast

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice is on her seventh trip to the Middle East, looking for some middle ground between Israelis and Palestinians. Lisa Mullins finds out more from The World's Quil Lawrence.

Global Politics

Kadima front runner

Israel's ruling Kadima party holds a primary later this month to select a new leader. The current leader, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, is stepping down in the midst of a corruption scandal.

Arts, Culture & Media

Life under an Israeli curfew

The World's Aaron Schachter tells us about a new play that opened in Beirut this week. It's an adaptation of a critically acclaimed book about the Israeli curfew imposed on the West Bank Palestinian city of Ramallah in 2002.

Lifestyle & Belief

West Bank clashes

There's been a growing number of Jewish settler attacks on Palestinians in the West Bank. Some settlers say the attacks are justified. Each side blames the other and both blame the Israeli army for not protecting them.

Arts, Culture & Media

The ''other'' Bethlehem

Bethlehem in what's now the West Bank is considered the birthplace of Jesus. But an Israeli archeologist has spent years excavating another town of Bethlehem, this one in Galilee, where he's uncovered an inn, a monastery.