Blizzards bombard the east coast

In fact, much of the U.S. and Western Europe have already suffered through a spate of snowstorms this winter. Michael Allaby, author of the book series "Dangerous Weather," joins us to discuss the impact of blizzards across the country and the world.

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Thao Nguyen

At just 24, she put out one of 2008's best indie rock records, We Brave Bee Stings and All and she's touring the country now with her band. She grew up in Arlington, Virginia, where her mother owns a coin laundromat and dry cleaning business. We sent Jesse Dukes to meet up with Thao and her mother at the laundromat to find out how she grew into a rock star.

Chasing Kangaroos

Kangaroos, like humans, are one of the only mammals that get around on two legs. But about ten species of this marsupial have also evolved to live in trees. Author Sy Montgomery traveled with scientist Lisa Dabek to the ancient cloud forest of Papua New G