Southern California

Limpets and Cancer Vaccines

Researchers in Southern California have found a way to grow an unusual marine mollusk that may play a major role in the future of cancer vaccines.

Big Buffett Solar Buy

Warren Buffet began the new year with a bang, spending around $2.5 billion to acquire two more solar projects in California.


Conflict & Justice

Israel's public image problem

As the World's Matthew Bell reports, revolutions in the Middle East are making Israelis very nervous. Opinion polls show the Jewish state's public image is in tatters. Public and private organizations are making an effort to buff Israel's image.

Global Politics

Saving Memories on a Microchip

Ted Berger is trying to build a microchip that can remember things for us. He teaches at the USC, and his goal is to create a device that can take over for the hippocampus of the brain, translating thoughts into long-term memories.