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Mediterranean island

The shores of a Mediterranean island are on our radar today. It's part of Italy, the largest the three Pelagian Islands south of Sicily. Thousands of Tunisians recently fled to this tiny Italian outpost. Can you name the Italian island they've landed on?

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Myth busting Geo Quiz

Archimedes figures in today's Geo Quiz: The early Greek mathematician and inventor was born in a seaport city on the island of Sicily. We're looking for this city, where Archimedes came up with his many inventions and scientific ideas.

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Geo answer

The answer to today's Geo Quiz is the Sicilian town of Salemi. It's where a huge collection of videos, films, and movies are being sent as a charitable contribution after a video store named Kim's Video in New York City closed for good. Anchor Marco Werman gets details of the video exchange from merchant Youngman Kim and Italian arts promoter Franca Pauli.

Bridging the Straits of Messina

The fate of a five billion dollar, two mile suspension bridge that would connect the island of Sicily with southern Italy may soon be sealed as Italian voters elect a new parliament. Supporters of the bridge see it as an essential part of Italy's economic