Portland braces for one last selfie with the carpet

You read that right — Portlanders are mourning the imminent loss of throwback, "Atari-style" carpet that covers the floor at the city's airport. It will be removed this year, but it has been a visual symbol of Portland for years — appearing on merchandise, in photos and even tattooed on people's bodies.


Explore the final moments of a dying man who chose to end his own life

Ben Wald's death in 2013 did not make headlines, like the death of Brittany Maynard, the 29-year-old woman who took her own life due to a terminal illness. But like Maynard, Wald died on his own terms, thanks to Oregon's Death With Dignity Act. His wife, Pam, however, is now an advocate for the compassionate dying movement and is helping to keep the issue in the public eye.


GMO lobbying is a booming business as labeling laws increase

The battle over labeling GMO foods has prompted food companies to pour $27 million into lobbying efforts — just in the last six months. With a lawsuit arguing that Vermont's GMO labeling law is unconstitutional and fights to stop labeling initiatives in other states, the big food lobbying push is likely to keep growing.