Global Politics

Healthcare lottery

Faith and Fair Game news analyst Matt Pack examine Oregon's new healthcare plan for cash-strapped residents that delivers care on the basis of a lottery.


For whom the roads toll

One of the ways Congress is considering raising the 1.6 trillion dollars needed to repair the nation's transportation infrastructure is through tolls on federal roads. Host Bruce Gellerman speaks with the Wall Street Journal's Christopher Conkey.

Lifestyle & Belief

Muslim cleric faces extradition

A radical Muslim cleric lost an appeal in Britain's high court today-- Abu Hamza now faces extradition to the US, and he's accused of helping to plan a terrorist training camp in Oregon, as The World's Matthew Bell reports.

Health & Medicine

Medics in Afghanistan

American casualties are on the rise in Afghanistan. That's putting U.S. military doctors and nurses to the test. We hear from chief nurse Major Keni Harriman, who works at a front line surgical hospital in Afghanistan.

Global Politics

Preview of Democratic primaries in Kentucky and Oregon, A

Kentucky and Oregon gear up for its turn in the 2008 Democratic nominating season. Hillary Clinton's tough talk on the economy, her push for universal healthcare and frequent visits to the Bluegrass state are winning people over. Barack Obama has tailored his message in Oregon, where he's been welcomed as a rock star.