North Carolina

Global Politics

So why aren't young Americans spooked by NSA surveillance?

Around the world, revelations about NSA spying have caused outrage and protests. But not so much in the US. In fact, older Americans seem more worried than digitally plugged-in youth, whose electronic lives are being monitored. One researcher says young people don't seem so worried about the government acting as Big Brother.


The red (meat) scare

A new study finds that a diet rich in red meat and processed meats can lead to premature death. The study, which is the largest of its kind, came out yesterday in the Archives of Internal Medicine.

Conflict & Justice

Homegrown Terrorism

Federal agents in North Carolina arrested Daniel Boyd, his two grown sons, and four other men on suspicion of terrorist activity. For more, The Takeaway talks to North Carolina Public Radio's Dave Dewitt and the New America Foundation's Peter Bergen.

Conflict & Justice

Update on Homegrown Terrorism

The New York Times' Campbell Robertson joins The Takeaway from North Carolina, where he is reporting on the story of Daniel Boyd, two of his grown children and four others, all arrested on charges of conspiring to advance terror abroad.