North Carolina


In North Carolina, immigrant farmworkers wonder about their place in America

Many undocumented immigrants in the US work in cultivation, picking fruits and vegetables. They move around or live permanently on the fields, along with their children — many of whom were born here and are US citizens. President-elect Donald Trump has promised to get tough on illegal immigration. And that has many immigrant farming communities bracing for what comes next.


The right to sex

Faith shares her thoughts a proposed constitutional amendment in Ecuador that would entitle women to "sexual happiness."

Angels in North Carolina

The new play Southern Rapture takes place in 1996, when a local production of Tony Kushner's "Angels in America" became a political hot potato and put artistic freedom and arts funding on the line. Mary C. Curtis looks back at the ruckus.

Sticky Situation Update

Dupont remains under fire, with reports of contaminated bottle water and concerns about plant chemical emissions in North Carolina over the use of a chemical found in the Dupont product teflon.