New Jersey


US medical workers strike back at strict Ebola quarantines

No sooner had New York and New Jersey enacted strict new quarantine measures for travelers and health workers from West Africa than the backlash began. Health workers and officials quickly forced the states to rescind their policies, saying they'll keep doctors and nurses from going to West Africa.


Global Politics

Your Health: The Cost of Prevention

Washington Correspondent Todd Zwillich discusses health care reform with Iowa Senator Tom Harkin. The Takeaway also hears from Rutgers professor Louise Russell, whose research challenges the idea that preventive medicine lowers medical costs.

Real-life Sopranos: NJ's International Conspiracy

A 10-year federal probe uncovered an international conspiracy involving money laundering, corruption of local and state governments and synagogues in New Jersey. Joining The Takeaway is Bob Ingle, Trenton bureau chief for Gannet news service.

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Obama hits the campaign trail

President Obama hits the campaign trail this week, stumping for some vulnerable Democrats. He starts his trip fundraising among Wall Street bankers, a group the White House is simultaneously chastising. How much will his appearances help other candidates?