A way to save one of North America's fastest animals

For centuries, herds of pronghorn have traveled hundreds of miles across the west in the second longest land migration in North America. But today, pronghorn often encounter barbed wire fences on private and public land that delay or halt their journey. Now, scientists and wildlife managers are developing fencing systems that allow the pronghorn to cross safely.


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Faith talks to America's First Family of Elk-Calling, the Bungays of Kalispell, Montana, who have all perfected the art of grunting and squealing like an elk.

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Tracking the Stimulus at ProPublica

To keep track of how stimulus money is being spent, ProPublica has asked volunteers across the country for help. Joining The Takeaway are ProPublica editor Amanda Michel and Geoff Badenoch, a volunteer tracker from Missoula, Montana.

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No More Cash for Clunkers

Having run out of money two weeks ahead of schedule, the Cash for Clunkers program ends tonight. The Takeaway speaks to Bill Underriner, owner of Underriner Autos in Billings, Montana, and Mark LaNeve, vice president of sales for General Motors.


Timoth Egan and 'The Big Burn'

We talk with Pulizer Prize?winning author Timothy Egan about his new book, 'The Big Burn,' on the huge forest fire back in 1910 that blazed through forests in Washington, Idaho and Montana.