The Mississippi: Pushed to the brink


Up and down the Mississippi River, new pressures are being put on America’s inland hydro highway, which helps deliver US goods and commodities to the rest of the world and allows trade flows to return. The strain on the river system is only becoming more acute with the impacts of climate change.


The legal age

Faith and news analyst Jason Mantzoukas discuss the recent debate over whether the legal drinking age should be lowered from twenty-one to eighteen.


Bad weather

Faith talks to Stefanie and J. Eggleston, a Missouri father-daughter duo who did a study that showed weather forecasts aren't as accurate as you might think.


Manure magic

Dealing with large amounts of manure on industrial livestock farms has never been easy, environmentally sustainable, or profitable, but that's starting to change. Living on Earth reports on a growing industry that capitalizes on the power poop.

Conflict & Justice

Smoking in Bosnian community

Adam Allington reports that local health authorities in the St. Louis, Missouri, area have launched a "smoking cessation" campaign aimed at Bosnian immigrants, as members of that community tend to smoke more than the general US population.

Global Politics

Missouri aims to place additional demands on voter ID

The fight over voter identification requirements has heated up after the Supreme Court upheld Indiana's voter ID law. Nineteen states are considering new voter ID measures, but we focus on Missouri, which The New York Times' Ian Urbina tells us is the only proposal that could become law in time for November's presidential election.

Global Politics

Road trip to the political conventions: Missouri

Takeaway political director Andrea Bernstein and producer Adam Hirsch are taking the long way to the Democratic National Convention in Denver. They're stopping in some key states to report on what's on voters' minds. Today, they're in Missouri. Guest: Takeaway political director Andrea Bernstein