Global Politics

GOP panic

Faith shares her thoughts on the latest spate of Republican electoral losses, and how Senator John McCain might look to distance himself from President Bush and the GOP brand.

Arts, Culture & Media

Geo Answer + Global Hit

The answer to our Geo Quiz is Bristol, England, home to the music style known as "trip-hop." Anchor Katy Clark tells us about British nostalgia for a couple of bands that made "trip-hop" so popular a decade ago.

Global Politics

Spitzer scandal

Faith and Fair Game news analyst Brian Donovan examine the prostitution scandal surrounding New York Governor Eliot Spitzer. Hey, at least he remembered to wear his flag pin.

Water Works up the Yazoo

A new-old plan from the Army Corps of Engineers would drain wetlands between the Yazoo and Mississippi rivers, and prevent annual flooding of farmland. But it's controversial.

Rising Up from a Toxic Legacy

The Louisiana environmental activist who coined the term "Cancer Alley" to describe the row of industrial and petro-chemical plants that line the Mississippi, looks ahead to the future of New Orleans.

Pets 911

Efforts continue to rescue the furry victims of Hurricane Katrina and reunite them with their evacuated owners.