FoodCorps grows food for education and change

In an effort to battle the increasing number of childhood obesity cases in the United States, FoodCorps is turning to schools. Rather than just teaching the basics of healthy eating, they're tapping into a generation of passionate young adults to make health food more real.

Science, Tech & Environment

Hurricane Isaac approaches Louisiana coast

With winds of at least 75 mph, expected to climb slightly higher, Hurricane Isaac was prepared to hit the Gulf Coast of the United States, especially Louisiana. While the winds are relatively light, forecasters are worried the slow-moving storm will dump a lot of rain on top of an area that's already quite soggy.

Conflict & Justice

The NAACP's Legal Legacy

The NAACP wraps up the convention celebrating its 100-year anniversary. For a look at what the group's future fights should be and how their past accomplishments shaped the nation, The Takeaway is joined by Lani Gunier, professor at Harvard Law School.

Global Politics

This week's agenda: BP to eat crow?

Marcus Mabry, associate editor for The New York Times, believes there's going to be a whole lot of eating crow by BP this week. The Takeaway's and WNYC's editor, Charlie Herman, looks at the effects the oil spill has had on BP and other oil stocks.