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Detroit's existing immigrant communities feel left out by a new proposal to attract skilled immigrants

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder is pushing immigration as one solution to Detroit's economic woes. He's asked the Obama Administration to designate 50,000 visas to attract skilled immigrants and entrepreneurs to the bankrupt city during the next five years. But Detroit's existing immigrant communities insist they be included in the economic strategy to bring Detroit back.


Global Politics

Is Michigan the New Cuba?

The 229 detainees still housed at Guant-namo Bay may be moved to a maximum security prison in Standish, Michigan. The Takeaway speaks to Detroit Free Press reporter Kathleen Gray and to the mayor of Standish, Kevin King.

Global Politics

Obama goes to (community) college

The president visits Hudson Valley Community College in Troy, New York, today for a speech on higher education and high tech jobs. We speak to Hudson Valley Community College Professor Rich Porter, department chair of Building Systems Technology.


Sports: college football rankings

The NCAA released their college football rankings this week. There aren't too many surprises: Florida tops the list and Michigan didn't crack the top 25. Our sports contributor Ibrahim Abdul-Matin talks us through what it all means.