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Geo Answer + Global Hit

The answer to our Geo Quiz is Bristol, England, home to the music style known as "trip-hop." Anchor Katy Clark tells us about British nostalgia for a couple of bands that made "trip-hop" so popular a decade ago.


Lake Mead

Climatologist Tim Barnett talks about the troubles facing the nation's largest reservoir, Lake Mead, which is low on water due to reduced snowfall in the Rockies and the effects of climate change.

Witnesses Wait

Officials say New Orleans homes that border a property where DDT, termite killer and Agent Orange were mixed are safe, but their own data calls that into question. One soil sample was the top hit for four banned insect killers in a series of post-Katrina

New Orleans: Lessons Not Learned

Two years after Katrina, New Orleans and coastal Louisiana remain vulnerable to catastrophic flooding. A veteran of years of reporting on the US Army Corps of Engineers says the Corps, Congress and the American people are to blame.

Louisiana Storm Protection: Past, Present and Future

As the Gulf Coast braces for another hurricane season, an army of scientists, engineers and storm forecasters are racing to fix the levees that failed Louisiana. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers recently took responsibility for the largest civil engineeri



New Orleans is still vulnerable to another big storm

Even though Hurricane Katrina was weaker than previous hurricanes that had hit New Orleans, the storm inundated parts of the city and displaced thousands of people, many of them permanently. And according to at least one prominent scientist, the disaster was almost entirely preventable. Not only that, the city is still vulnerable to another big storm.