Hurricane Isaac approaches Louisiana coast

With winds of at least 75 mph, expected to climb slightly higher, Hurricane Isaac was prepared to hit the Gulf Coast of the United States, especially Louisiana. While the winds are relatively light, forecasters are worried the slow-moving storm will dump a lot of rain on top of an area that's already quite soggy.


New Orleans: Lessons Not Learned

Two years after Katrina, New Orleans and coastal Louisiana remain vulnerable to catastrophic flooding. A veteran of years of reporting on the US Army Corps of Engineers says the Corps, Congress and the American people are to blame.

Witnesses Wait

Officials say New Orleans homes that border a property where DDT, termite killer and Agent Orange were mixed are safe, but their own data calls that into question. One soil sample was the top hit for four banned insect killers in a series of post-Katrina

Saving the Cypress

Cypress trees aren't just great ingredients for good gardening, they're also important storm barriers on the Gulf Coast.

Gulf Oil and Gulf Restoration

The road to recovery for the Gulf of Mexico starts with the wetlands. Conservationists and state officials say a long-term, large-scale plan to restore Louisiana's marshes is the way to heal the damage.

Bye-Bye Bayou

Katrina took their homes. BP's oil took their jobs. Coastal erosion could take their very land. The people of Grand Bayou Village in Louisiana's Plaquemines live in a microcosm of the major challenges facing the region.

Chalmette Update

In the midst of the BP oil crisis one Louisiana community is still coping with a spill from long ago. Hurricane Katrina left a million gallons of oil in the blue-collar town of Chalmette. The oil company responsible pledged to make things right for the co