The $50 billion plan to save Louisiana's wetlands

The state of Louisiana is disappearing at an incredible rate, and its sinking deltas threaten some of the nation's crucial oil, gas and fisheries industries. But Louisiana has a “Hail Mary” plan to save it. Industry and government have created an unprecedented plan to save and rebuild these wetlands over the next 50 years — and say failure is not an option.


Here's how they're keeping French alive in Louisiana


Allons! We head down to the bayous to explore the language, culture, and music of French-speaking Louisiana. From one tiny town determined to keep heritage French alive to an elementary using language to bridge race and class divides. And of course a little lagniappe (something extra).


In New Orleans, Marco explores Japan's jazz links to the Big Easy

PRI's The World host Marco Werman is in the middle of a two-week, cross-country writing residency aboard Amtrak trains. His first stop was in New Orleans, where he heard about the death of famed trumpet player Travis "Trumpet Black" Hill and was reminded of how Japan and New Orleans are linked by a love of jazz



How to clean an oiled duck

Day 36: oil is still gushing into the Gulf of Mexico. We talk with Sharon Schmalz, the executive director of Wildlife Rehabilitation & Education in Houston, Texas. She helps instruct volunteers on the proper way to clean an animal covered in oil.


Should BP CEO Tony Hayward resign?

In a television, Tony Hayward apologized for the crisis. However, it may be too late to win public opinion. Davia Temin, CEO of Temin and Company, which specializes in crisis management for leading global corporations weighs in on BP's PR strategy.


Meet Darryl Willis: the new face of BP

Now that we've seen him in commercials, it's time to get to know him better. BP Vice President of Resources Darryl Willis joins the program to tell us about BP's latest efforts from the company's perspective, and his unenviable new position.