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Missouri aims to place additional demands on voter ID

The fight over voter identification requirements has heated up after the Supreme Court upheld Indiana's voter ID law. Nineteen states are considering new voter ID measures, but we focus on Missouri, which The New York Times' Ian Urbina tells us is the only proposal that could become law in time for November's presidential election.

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The Romney factor

Faith shares her thoughts on former Republican candidate Mitt Romney and the large number of votes he won in the recent Indiana primary, despite having dropped out of the race months ago.

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Two victory speeches

The candidates have spoken. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton spoke late Tuesday after receiving preliminary results from the Indiana and North Carolina primaries. The Takeaway examines what the Democratic candidates had to say.

The right to sex

Faith shares her thoughts a proposed constitutional amendment in Ecuador that would entitle women to "sexual happiness."

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Odd couple

Brian Donovan takes a look at the budding romance between Senator Hillary Clinton and radio host Rush Limbaugh, who have realized that their political hopes and dreams are oddly intertwined.


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Not in America but still in America

Returning home after an long absence can often be disarming. Things that were once familiar are often no longer. That's what Deepak Singh encountered when he returned to Lucknow, India after a 10 year absence.