Daylight savings

Faith talks to Laura Grant, a PhD student at UC Santa Barbara, about why she thinks Daylight Savings Time actually uses more electricity, instead of less.

Global Politics

Guns and religion

Barack Obama shot himself in the foot last week, and not in the fun way. Now Hillary is talking up her love of guns. Faith ponders what this means for the Democrats.

Global Politics

Time capsule

Faith recounts some memorable moments from the presidential primaries, and buries some fresh ones in a Fair Game Time Capsule.

The right to sex

Faith shares her thoughts a proposed constitutional amendment in Ecuador that would entitle women to "sexual happiness."

Global Politics

Odd couple

Brian Donovan takes a look at the budding romance between Senator Hillary Clinton and radio host Rush Limbaugh, who have realized that their political hopes and dreams are oddly intertwined.

Global Politics

The Romney factor

Faith shares her thoughts on former Republican candidate Mitt Romney and the large number of votes he won in the recent Indiana primary, despite having dropped out of the race months ago.