Positive progress in Afghanistan finally begins to emerge

The pullout of American forces from Afghanistan by 2014 has some feeling hopeful about the future of the war-torn country. But with the ongoing drone strikes in Pakistan, and continued violence in Afghanistan, it's often hard to see the progress over the border.

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"Horses and Bayonets"

The most tweeted line of the debate was President Obama's zinger that the military has fewer horses and bayonets. So where are bayonets from? Anchor Marco Werman gets the answer, plus the history of bayonets from Chris Woolf.


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The day after the vote

Millions of Afghans cast their ballots in yesterday's presidential election�though turnout appeared weaker than in the election five years ago. Anchor Katy Clark speaks with the BBC's Caroline Wyatt.

Analyzing America's Mission in Afghanistan

The U.S. military has launched a major operation in Afghanistan's Helmand province, a Taliban stronghold and the world's largest opium poppy producing area. Joining The Takeaway to discuss the offensive is the BBC's Defense Correspondent Rob Watson.

The Marines, Battling in Afghanistan

U.S. Marines and Afghan troops began a major operation in Afghanistan Helmand province. Joining The Takeaway to talk about the mission is Gretchen Peters, former ABC Afghanistan and Pakistan correspondent, and Gordon Mackenzie, a military analyst.

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Progress in Afghanistan?

As the U.S. military continues its operation in Afghanistan, The Takeaway checks in with Brigadier-General Eric Tremblay and Retired Lieutenant Colonel John Nagl to discuss progress, casualties, and to provide an update on security Afghanistan.

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Embedded in Afghanistan

Over 4,000 Marines launched a major offensive against the Taliban in Southern Afghanistan. Aaron Schachter, correspondent for PRI's The World, embedded with an army medical evacuation unit in Helmand province, joins The Takeaway with a first hand look.

Straight into battle in Taliban terrain

We go on the ground in Helmand province, Afghanistan, where fighting continues between British troops and the Taliban. With audio from the BBC, we get a personal window into the lives of the soldiers and the region's residents.