Global Politics

Geo Quiz and answer

President Obama gave each leader at the G-20 summit a present. Each got a glass tree. For today's Geo Quiz, we ask where the artist made them. The answer? Atlanta, Georgia. Anchor Jeb Sharp speaks with Peter Post, director of the Emily Post Institute.

Arts, Culture & Media

Slapstick Geo Quiz

Laurel And Hardy were huge back in the 1930′s and 40′s. Their slapstick was a hit throughout the US and Europe. Ollie, the wide one, was born in Georgia. And Stan, the skinny one, was born in ? For the Geo Quiz, name the county in Northwest England.


Can China control the weather?

China is tightly managing every aspect of the Olympics, even trying to control the weather. They're using cloud-seeding techniques, both to create rain to reduce smog and to steer rain away from outdoor events. The Takeaway takes a closer look at the often colorful efforts to control the weather.