You don't need a big town to find a Koreatown

There are pockets of Korean communities all over the US, places where food and culture make you think you're in Seoul. Chef Deuki Hong and food writer Matt Rodbard set out on a journey across America looking for Koreatowns. They wrote a cookbook about these places and the cuisine made there.


The Army is getting serious about cyberwarfare

Modern war isn't always fought on a physical battlefield, and the US Army is making new moves to try and keep hackers and cyber attacks away from its computers. Yet some of these vital battles are being fought by young men and women who are new to the field themselves.


Global Politics

Lame duck foreign policy

The Bush Administration has had a tough few weeks in terms of foreign policy, from Russia to North Korea to the Middle East. How much can a president hope to accomplish in his last months in office? The World's Jason Margolis reports.

Global Politics

Russia-Georgia conflict

The leaders of the European Union say they will postpone renewing an important economic and political agreement with Russia because of its actions in Georgia. The World's Gerry Hadden says concern about a cut off of Russian oil and gas affected the EU.

Global Politics

New reminders of the Cold War

This weekend a former defense ministry official in Estonia was arrested for treason. The official is suspected of selling NATO secrets to Russia. Anchor Lisa Mullins speaks with Edward Lucas, deputy editor of "The Economist," about the case.

Global Politics

Russia reacts to Obama win

The World's Laura Lynch reports from Moscow on Russian reaction to Barack Obama's presidential victory...and how Russia will likely be high on the agenda for the new Obama administration.


Celebrate globally; buy locally

Environmentalists in Europe want to reduce the carbon footprint of the holidays. They're promoting the purchase of locally grown Christmas trees. The World's Gerry Hadden reports from Prague.