Gaza Strip


How cement could de-rail the Gaza peace talks

With the cease-fire holding in Gaza, both sides are now facing the difficult task of negotiating a lasting truce. This involves huge political issues. But also some very mundane issues, which could de-rail any settlement. For instance, cement. Cement is obviously needed for reconstruction. But Israel doesn't want Hamas to re-build its tunnels.


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Update from Gaza

BBC Producer Rushdi abu Alouf speaks from Gaza with anchor Katy Clark about the temporary re-opening of the Gaza border as tensions rise between Hamas and Israel.

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Progress slow in rebuilding Gaza Strip

Linda Gradstein reports that conditions in the Gaza Strip have not improved as much as international aid donors want. The Palestinians blame Israel for restricting transportation, Israel demands assurances that material won't be used to make weapons.

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Egypt and the Palestinians

For years the Arab world was inspired by scenes of the Palestinian intifada. But now many in the West Bank say it's unlikely that Palestinians will be inspired to protest by the waves of unrest sweeping the Arab world. Daniel Estrin reports from Ramallah.

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Latest from Gaza

With increasing violence between Israel and Hamas, there is currently no end in sight. For the latest on the situation unfolding in the Gaza Strip, The Takeaway talks to New York Times Correspondent Ethan Bronner.

Violence continues in Gaza

Today is the third day of Israel's offensive in the Gaza Strip in response to regular rocket attacks by Hamas. For the latest on the situation in Gaza we turn to Taghreed El-Khodary, who is reporting from Gaza for our partner the New York Times.

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Renewed hopes for a cease-fire in Gaza

As Israel's offensive against Hamas in the Gaza Strip heads into its third week, international cries for peace have intensified. For more on what it might take to create a lasting cease-fire between, we turn to Hanan Ashwari, a Palestinian legislator.