British Columbia


Is the butter tart the most Canadian of sweet treats? Not so fast


If something can be as American as apple pie, it can be as Canadian as butter tarts — right? The intensely sweet treat is a staple, and Ontario even runs butter tart tours. But British Columbia's Nanaimo bars have something to say about the butter tart's claim to supremacy.


Global Politics

Science Forum: Global fisheries decline

According to a new WWF report, seventy percent of commercial marine fisheries are on the decline. Rashid Sumaila directs the Fisheries Center the the University of British Columbia. Dr. Sumaila is also the guest in our online Science Forum.


Are the Olympics moving too fast?

Vancouver, British Columbia, host of the 2010 Winter Olympics, spent approximately $100 million to construct newer, bigger and faster courses for the world's finest athletes. But we're discovering bigger isn't always better.


Are we really alone in the universe?

Using the Kepler space observatory, which he helped to design with a team of scientists, Dimitar Sasselov has found over 700 planets that meet earth-like criteria and could even sustain human life. He explains his findings.