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Geo answer

For today's Geo Quiz we wanted the name of a state capital at the edge of what once was a stage-coach route known as Constellation Road. The answer is Phoenix, Arizona.

Invasion of the Invasives

Scientists and volunteers in Arizona's Saguaro National Park are trying to keep the non-native buffelgrass from taking over. The invasive plant spreads like wildfire, and enables wildfires to destroy precious desert habitat.

Conflict & Justice

First-time voters

1.4 million legal immigrants applied for US citizenship last year, and the vast majority were Latinos; spurred by frustration over immigration reform, many legal residents decided to become citizens and cast their vote

Geo Quiz and geo answer

For today's Geo Quiz, we're looking for the names of the four cities in the West African nation of Ghana that are currently hosting the "Africa Cup of Nations" soccer tournament. The answer is: Tamale, Kumasi, Sekondi and Accrah. Anchor Lisa Mullins speaks with the BBC's Ghana correspondent David Amano who's been witnessing the hoopla.

Under An Arizona Sun

Climate change has plants on the move in search of cooler territory in Northern Arizona, and the region's signature piñon pine might be out of luck.