U.S. guns go south, Mexico's drug war comes north

We've been taking a look at Mexico's drug war and the ripple effect being felt throughout the Southwest U.S. We are joined by someone who is in the front-line of trying to keep American guns out of Mexico, Arizona Attorney General Terry Goddard.


Ball goes up in tonight's WNBA finals reporter Mechelle Voepel joins us from Phoenix, the site of the WBNA finals' first game. Also, Takeaway listener Helen Wheelock complained we haven't covered the WNBA enough ? so we invited her on the program to make her case.

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The housing crisis up close and personal

Americans have been hard hit by the mortgage crisis. Home values are dropping, homeowners are locked into mortgages they may never realistically pay off, and our government seems incapable of providing the kind of support vital to long term recovery.