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An Arizona law for Ohio

Sheriff Richard Jones is pressing for a statewide law to require police to verify a person's immigration status during routine stops. It's generating some support among legislators and fear among Latinos. The World's Jason Margolis has the story.

Conflict & Justice

McCain and Obama weigh in on affirmative-action measures

Controversial affirmative-action ballot initiatives in three states ? Nebraska, Colorado and Arizona ? are making news for the presidential candidates. Arizona senator and presidential candidate John McCain has said he supports a measure in his state that would ban the use of preferential treatment when it comes to race or gender.


Ten things to love about the Pittsburgh Steelers

On Sunday, the powerhouse Pittsburgh Steelers face off against the Arizona Cardinals in Super Bowl 43. We talk to Stephen Dubner, author of Freakonomics and unabashed Steelers fan, who has a list of reasons to root for the Pittsburgh Steelers.


Tiger Woods out of the rough and ready for battle

After eight long months recuperating from reconstructive knee surgery, Tiger Woods returned to the green yesterday. For more we turn to Karen Crouse, a sports reporter for the New York Times who is in Arizona to watch Tiger Woods first day back.