Militants in Mali take hostages in Algeria

The ongoing unrest in northern Mali is raising concerns that the militants could move into neighboring countries. And with the latest jihadist retaliation and taking of hostages, some say it's time for an increased focus on the Maghreb region and the militants who rule it.


Hurricane Isaac approaches Louisiana coast

With winds of at least 75 mph, expected to climb slightly higher, Hurricane Isaac was prepared to hit the Gulf Coast of the United States, especially Louisiana. While the winds are relatively light, forecasters are worried the slow-moving storm will dump a lot of rain on top of an area that's already quite soggy.


New-Old Nukes

Thirty-two years after a serious accident at the Browns Ferry Nuclear Plant in Alabama, the last of three reactors is re-opening for business.

Fencing the Weather

A fence that stretches nearly 500 miles through the Australian outback was intended to keep out rabbits but scientists say it's affecting the weather.