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Domestic abuse law in India

A law in India protects women from domestic abuse, and supporters say the law is desperately needed, but critics say the law is often abused to punish innocent men and their extended families. Reporter Larry Schooler has the story.

Filmmaker Margaret Brown

Margaret Brown talks to Faith about her new movie "The Order of Myths," which looks at segregation in the Mardi Gras celebrations in Mobile, Alabama.

Kenya bloggers monitor unrest

Post-election unrest in Kenya has been widespread and hard to monitor in real time, but some concerned bloggers are trying to help, and they've set up a website where Kenyans can report on what they see in their own communities

Fencing the Weather

A fence that stretches nearly 500 miles through the Australian outback was intended to keep out rabbits but scientists say it's affecting the weather.

New-Old Nukes

Thirty-two years after a serious accident at the Browns Ferry Nuclear Plant in Alabama, the last of three reactors is re-opening for business.