The worsening wildfires in Australia

December 30, 2019

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A large emergency helicopter is shown flying above several houses and dropping a large quantity of water.

A helicopter drops water on a bushfire behind houses in Bundoora, Melbourne, Australia, Dec. 30, 2019.


Ellen Smith/AAP Image via Reuters

In Sydney, Australia, city officials are going ahead with New Year's fireworks, despite calls for the spectacle to be canceled amid record dry conditions and massive wildfires. Also, the US military struck Iranian-backed forces in Iraq and Syria on Sunday — a reprisal for a rocket attack last week that killed an American contractor. Plus, an Israeli-Canadian doctor working in an Indigenous community built a six-foot-tall menorah out of ice.

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US responds to deadly attack at Iraq base

On Friday, an Iranian-backed militia group attacked a US base, known as K1, in Iraq, killing an American contractor. Shortly after, the US struck the bases of an Iranian-backed Iraqi militia in retaliation. Carol Hills spoke with a former veteran who served at K1 to discuss the role that contractors play in US war zones.